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About Owl Be Green


Owl Be Green is a small batch artisan company specializing in all-in-two cloth diapers with wipeable, reusable covers and hemp/organic-cotton snap-in inserts.
Owl Be Green was founded in the spring of 2014 by myself, Amy Mangan. I had started cloth diapering my middle son when he was about 5 months old, and became obsessed with cloth diapers! I started to wonder if I could sew my own and expand his collection to include tons of super cute designs! At that time, there wasn’t a lot of design variety in and among the big brands, especially for boys.
I started making some cloth diapers for my son. My first couple were a hot mess!! But, I kept at it, learned new skills, and started to develop a flow to my sewing. A few friends recommended I try selling my diapers on Etsy. And so, Owl Be Green was born.
Owl Be Green has come a long way from the first products sold in 2014! I started with foldover elastic trim and lots of cotton prints. Later in 2015, I modifed my first pattern into an original creation, solving many pain points I was hearing in the cloth diapering world: we needed covers with two rows of waist snaps instead of a single row, hip snaps to prevent “cat ears,” and double-gussets that really hold the mess in. In 2016, I changed the trim from foldover elastic to PUL trim that I handcraft in my studio. The PUL trim is so much more durable than the foldover elastic - it doesn’t pill, won’t get stuck on hook-and-loop closures, and won’t fade over time. Towards the end of 2016, I added the petite size to my lineup to fit the needs of those skinny-mini babies, and it was also perfect for my youngest baby who was then 1-year old and about 17lbs. In 2017, I have continued to grow and expand - more exclusive prints, phased out cotton prints, and added trainers and swim diapers.
We are kicking off 2018 with a subscription box plan featuring prints that are not only exclusive to Owl Be Green, but will only be available to the subscription holders! Find out all about the boxes here:
We hope you will get to know us, follow all of our exciting developments, and try one of our diapers - we know you will love them!