Turnaround for made-to-order is 6-8 weeks.
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Orange Octos Swim Diaper


This made-to-order swim diaper is covered in fun little orange octopuses.  The inner jersey lining and flaps will be a matching orange.  You may choose your snap colors.

The reusable swim diaper features a PUL outer, wicking jersey inner, front and back flaps to help contain messes, side snaps for easy changes and an optional snap-in insert.  The flaps will cover the snaps when the insert is not being used.

The insert is a stay dry combo of wicking jersey top, Zorb core, and PUL backing. The PUL backing will prevent urine from getting on the swim diaper lining while you're getting ready to get in the water.

Remember that a swim diaper's main job is to keep poo out of the pool. The insert can be used in the pool, but it will not keep urine out of the pool water.

Prices are $18 for newborn and small, $20 for medium and large. The optional snap-in insert may be added for $3.

Sizes are approximate by weight:
Newborn: 5-13lbs
Small: 12-22lbs
Medium: 21-30lbs
Large: 27-35lbs

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